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Erasmus Golg

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Erasmus Golg

Erasmus Golg was the Captain of the Iron Warriors 11th Grand Company during the Horus Heresy.[1]

Following his Primarch's Edict of Decimation, Erasmus Golg strove to epitomize the ruthless efficiency that Perturabo sought in his warriors. Golg was a brutal commander whose only punishment for failure was death. He eventually ascended to the prestigious Trident alongside Warsmiths Forrix and Harkor.[3] Deemed flawed but useful by his Primarch, Golg was placed in command of the Battle Barge Contrador during the Heresy.[1]

During the Battle of the Phall System, Golg was one of the primary Iron Warriors commanders, but in the closing stages of the battle he was killed by the Imperial Fists Captain Alexis Polux, who also took control of the Contrador.[2]

His place on the Trident was later filled by Barban Falk.[3]