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Escher Cutter

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Escher Cutters are lightning fast Jetbikes, that are the preferred vehicles of Necromunda's House Escher, when they travel through the Hive World's Ash Wastes.[1]


Essentially giant turbine engines that are strapped with anti-grav tech, Cutters were created by Escher's engineers to deal with the Ash Wastes's desert roads, which are liable to melt, burn, or eat those who travel upon them. The vehicles are Jetbikes in their purest form and can propel the House's gangers at staggering speeds, as well as grant them the ability to soar over buildings and rivals. They are armed with gas trap launchers and combined with their underslung weapon choice of twin-linked grenade launchers, plasma guns, or heavy stubbers, allow the Cutters to pack a punch, no matter where they are in an engagement zone. However the Jetbikes' great speed could prove to be the downfall of their Escher drivers, should the gangers be knocked off from the Cutters' seats.[1]


Additional resources


  • Escher Cutters Conquer The Skies – Necromunda[2]: