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Evander Garrius

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Evander Garrius[2]

Evander Garrius was the Captain and Lord Castellan of the Imperial Fists Legion's 465th Company during the Horus Heresy.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Traitor's Faith (Short Story)

A veteran of the Unification Wars, Garrius took part in the Great Crusade and was a Breacher Lieutenant when the Imperial Fists' forces defeated a Xenos species on Lactrical alongside the Luna Wolves. It was during that campaign that Garrius developed a close friendship with the Luna Wolves member Kovarny, as they fought together and saved each other's lives. They would refer to each other as Brothers, despite not being in the same Legion, but this relationship was shattered as the Horus Heresy began. They would find themselves on opposing sides during the conflict, but would not meet again until the Siege of Cthonia. Garrius was among the Imperial forces stationed on the Sons of Horus's homeworld at that time and was the Captain of the Imperial Fists' 465th Company, which was composed of newbloods. When a counter-invasion was launched by the Sons of Horus's Captain Ashurhaddon, Garrius became the leader of the Imperium's defense of the Traitor's Gate hive. His efforts prevented Ashurhaddon's forces on the hive world's surface from consolidating together and led the captain to target Garrius for death. Ashurhaddon would charge the now reaver attack squad Chieftain Kovarny with this task, but Garrius's old comrade secretly refused to do so. Instead, Kovarny sought to capture the Imperial Fists captain alive and convert him into worshiping the Chaos gods. Garrius would then willingly join Kovarny's heathens squad and their brotherhood would be renewed as they fought the Imperium together.[1]

Garrius knew nothing of this and what followed next were a series of battles within Traitor's Gate, that always ended with the Captain escaping. Kovarny would lose a large number of his Squad's forces in each battle, but this just made him more determined to capture Garrius. Matters came to ahead, when the Chieftain finally made contact with Garrius and informed his old comrade that he sought to corrupt the Imperial Fist into worshiping the Chaos Gods. Garrius sternly refused and told Kovarny that he would never betray the Imperium, which greatly angered the Chieftain. However his mood calmed, when Garrius instead hoped that a noble spirit still remained within Kovarny and offered the Chieftain a chance at redemption by joining his side. Kovarny agreed to meet with Garrius to do so and the Imperial Fists Captain gave the Chieftain a location where they could meet alone. Neither intended to do so faithfully however. While Kovarny had his Heathens placed nearby to capture Garrius, the Imperial Fists Captain used that time to begin evacuating a gene-forging facility within the Hive. When the Chieftain waited at the arranged area and Garrius did not arrive, he became enraged and felt betrayed by the Captain. Meanwhile, Garrius and his Imperial Fists marched to an evacuation site at an outside opening in Traitor's Gate's wall, where they would escape aboard Stormbirds. Kovarny's Squad spotted them, though, and began firing at the Imperial Fists, which drew the attention of the Chieftain. Filled with hatred towards the one he once called his Brother, Kovarny immediately charged at Garrius and sought to kill the Captain for the personal betrayal. Garrius would admit the Chieftain's traitorous actions meant they were no longer Brothers, as he sought to protect the Imperium from nightmares like Kovarny. The Stormbirds then arrived and the Imperial Fists began boarding them, as the two fought. Kovarny then lunged at the Captain, but Garrius dodged the attack and used the momentum to throw the Chieftain into a nearby breach in the Hive's wall. This led directly to the outside of the Traitor's Gate and Kovarny fell to his death, as Garrius and the Imperial Fists made their escape.[1]

Garrius was able to recover after Cthonia, and during the Bitter War took part in the assault on the Word Bearers homeworld of Colchis.[3]