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Executioner's Voice

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Executioner's Voice[1]

The Executioner's Voice is a ancient artificer boltgun, created sometime before the Horus Heresy.[Needs Citation]


It was wielded by a Dark Angels Librarian during the Great Crusade, but was lost when the ship the librarian was traveling on, Caliban's Will, was lost in the warp and fused to the space hulk Olethros.[Needs Citation]

It was later discovered by an Adeptus Mechanicus team while exploring the hulk and placed behind a shrine onboard their ship, PowerXL, but was lost again when the PowerXL ship was also fused to the space hulk. It was finally retrieved by the Dark Angels in late M41 when a Terminator squad sent to investigate the space hulk uncovered and retrieved it, along with the other relics of the librarian scattered throughout the space hulk.[Needs Citation]

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