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Fabrikus was a brilliant Apothecary in the World Eaters Legion during The Great Crusade and served with its First Company, where he gained distinction as a warrior and as a surgeon.[1]

When the Horus Heresy began, Fabrikus followed his Primarch Angron in joining the Ruinous Powers and turned upon the Emperor and the Imperium. In the centuries following the end of the Heresy, he became a dark legend in the Apothecarion of every Space Marine Chapter and his name became a byword for perverse experiments, many of which he committed on himself. Some said he was even behind many of the mutations undergone by Chaos Marines: the fusion of flesh to armour of the World Eaters and the hellish combination of near-dead warrior and implacable war machine that was a Chaos Dreadnought.[1]

Fabrikus would eventually be charged by the dark masters that commanded him with creating more Chaos Space Marines for their Long War against the Imperium, and he spent several centuries experimentally implanting various species with the Gene-seed available to him in the Eye of Terror. He met with constant failure, however, as the Gene-seed refused to take, or else produced unhelpful mutations in his subjects. Though he would never say this to his masters, Fabrikus came to believe that the Warp caused potency problems with the Gene-seed from their warriors and would not produce the results expected of him. In order to rectify the problem, Fabrikus has decided to hunt down and harvest the Gene-seed from Space Marines loyal to the Imperium, whose belief in the Emperor ensures their Gene-seeds are free from the taint of Chaos. With the Gene-seed taken from Space Marines, Fabrikus is confident he will have the material needed to create a new type of warrior, completely loyal to the Chaos Gods and unstoppable in battle.[1]