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Faltornus was the chief military adviser to Saint Sabbat during the Saint's famous campaign to secure the sector that eventually bore her name. A brilliant strategist, Faltornus was the architect of much of Saint Sabbat's campaign plan.[1a]

Warmaster Slaydo, commander of the crusade to reclaim the Sabbat Worlds from the forces of Chaos, admired Faltornus almost as much as he revered the Saint, and many of his strategic decisions, while sound in and of themselves, reflected a desire to emulate Faltornus's campaign. This might have accounted, in part, for Slaydo's stubborn refusal to abandon his original objective of the stronghold world of Balhaut, even as the Crusade stalled in the Newfound Trailing Group and prompted many of his subordinates to suggest alternative routes of advance. "I walk in Her steps," Slaydo wrote in his private journal in 758.M41, explaining his fixation on Balhaut, "and what mattered to Faltornus matters to me too."[1b]

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