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Fasolt was a member of the Imperial Fists 12th Squad of the 4th Company.[1]


Fasolt fought under the stern gaze of his Primarch, Rogal Dorn, in dozens of wars of compliance, travelling the length and breadth of the rapidly expanding Imperium aboard the Phalanx. When Dorn mustered the Retribution Fleet, the 4th Company served along with other companies under the command of seneschal Rann. During the Battle of Phall, the Blade of Perdition led a battle against the Iron Warriors heavy cruiser Sire of Sabaktes. They teleported to the central armoury of the enemy ship and installed a melta charge. When blown up it began a chain reaction and destroyed both the heavy cruiser and its crew. When the surviving legionaries of the 12th Squad returned to the Blade of Perdition, Polux had already given the order to withdraw; characteristic of Fafnir Rann and his warriors, the Blade was one of the very last ships to obey.[1]


Fasolt wore Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armour that bore the emblem of double axes on a red shield, which was often used by units under the command of the seneschal Rann. The cross on his right forearm marked him as a veteran of his company. The fist and lightning bolts on the left knee pad surmounted on black indicated that Fasolt participated in a campaign led by the Emperor himself, an honour that many marked for prosperity.[1]