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Forgefane was an Iron warriors Fortress World, ruled by Warsmith Kolvax until it's fall to Hive Fleet Leviathan.

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Forgefane Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Tempestus
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Chaos(Iron Warriors)
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Forgefane boasted some of the most formidable defenses ever seen; massive citadels and bastions covered the landscape; each protected by miles of trenches, mine fields and razorwire as well as void shields and vast quantities of ordinance. The planet also garrisoned an entire Grand Company of Iron Warriors; titans and Defilers.

The Fall of Forgefane

Forgefane's defenses were more than adequate to stop the initial Tyranid landings, with the defenses even stopping multiple assaults by Bio-Titans; Gargoyles and Harridans. It wasn't until the Hive Fleet launched attacks from beneath the fortress, using Trygons to tunnel into the fortresses that the fall truly began. These underground assaults broke supply lines and isolated defenses, even managing to annihilate over 600 Defilers in a couple of hours. Shortly after, the fortress World fell.