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Frag Cannon

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The Frag Cannon is an Imperial weapon.


The Frag Cannon is utilized most famously by the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters, particularly for the Furioso Dreadnought. The Frag Cannon is a shoulder-mounted weapon, replacing the Dreadnought arm as other heavy weapons do, and fires a pair of long, hollow adamantium shells that fragment upon firing, resulting in a hail of razor-sharp shrapnel.[2] The frag cannon is a short-ranged, indiscriminate weapon, somewhat capricious in nature since the shrapnel it produces can be stopped by light armour, while simultaneously being able to rip through power armour.[1]

Deathwatch Frag Cannon

A man-portable Frag Cannon is used by Deathwatch Space Marines. These infantry artillery pieces are capable of laying down a hail of horde-shattering shells that blast adamantium at short range.[3]


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