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Ragnar Blackmane carrying Frostfang.

Frostfang, so named by the runes etched into its side, is a mighty Frost Blade crafted centuries ago by the Iron Priest Fergus Forgrim, the famed master craftsman of the Space Wolves Chapter. Its chainsaw blade is fashioned from a rare metal whose secret died with the ancient Iron Priest[1]. The Frostfang is currently wielded by the Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane.[2].

Blackmane received it while serving as a Wolfblade, as a gift from the Celestarch of House Belisarius for saving Lady Gabriella Belisarius from an assassination attempt by a rival house. The blade was said to have been carried by the earliest Wolfblades since the time of Leman Russ' original agreement with the House. It was formerly possessed by Skander Bloody-axe, Ragnar's predecessor.[3]

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