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Galan Dion

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Galan Dion was a veteran member of the Iron Warriors' Tyranthikos, who took part in the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


He took part in the Heresy's Battle of Phall, which saw the Tyranthikos lose their role as their Primarch Perturabo's bodyguard. This was after the Imperial Fists boarded the Iron Blood (Perturabo's flagship) during the battle and managed to reach the Primarch's inner sanctum. Though the Fists were killed before Perturabo came to harm, the Tyranthikos' failure to stop the boarders caused the Primarch to replace them with the Iron Circle. These Domitar Robots would now protect Perturabo, while Dion and the Tyranthikos became just another force of Legionaries within the Iron Warriors. Dion and his brethren, though, constantly sought to regain their status and favor in their Primarch's eyes. They also developed an intense hatred for the Robots that had replaced them.[1]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Phall, Perturabo led the Iron Warriors in a crusade of vengeance against the Imperial Fists. Hydra Cordatus was targeted for this reason and the Siege Captain Valkar vowed to Perturabo, that he would claim the world's Cadmean Citadel from the Imperial Fists within a week. By doing so, Valkar hoped to earn the favor of his now-distant Primarch and elevate his position within the Legion. However, Dion was unimpressed by Siege Captain's boasts. He claimed that unless the Citadel was weakened before a direct assault, via siegeworks and sustained bombardment, any Iron Warrior force that attacked it would suffer greatly. Valkar dismissed Dion's concerns, though, as the Tyranthikos were no longer held in high regard by their Primarch. Perturabo finally had enough of their bickering and allowed Valkar his chance to fulfil his vow, but Dion and the Tyranthikos would join the attack as well.[1]

With the Iron Warriors' 33rd Grand Battalion at his command, Valkar attacked the Cadmean Citadel, alongside the Tyranthikos. Despite the efforts of the Imperial Fists' 42nd Company, Mechanicum and the Chalchidean Grenadiers Solar Auxilia, the Iron Warriors succeeded in breaching the Citadel's outer gates. However they were then attacked by an Imperial Fists Forge Lord, who commanded five maniples of Castellax Robots. Their firepower took a toll on on the Battalion and the Iron Warriors would have been pushed back had the Tyranthikos not charged into the robots. This allowed the Iron Warriors to regain their footing, but the battle then entered a bloody stalemate. Both sides began taking serious losses and Valkar called for more reinforcements to defeat the Imperial Fists. However, with two thirds of the 33rd Grand Battalion dead or grievously wounded, Dion and the Tyranthikos could see that the Siege Captain had failed. In order to save what was left their combined forces, the Veteran decided to remove Valkar from command. Valkar saw them coming, though, and the Siege Captain was able to keep them at bay with his power sword. Dion was finally able to disarm him by shoving Valkar to the ground and this allowed the Tyranthikos to bring the Siege Captain to their waiting Primarch. Valkar was given no chance to account for his failure and, on Perturabo's order, the Iron Circle's robots turned the Siege Captain into bloody pieces.[1]

Dion then looked to his Primarch for approval and hoped that the worth of the Tyranthikos would be recognized once more. But Perturabo had none for them, as he ordered the Iron Circle to break the stalemate for the Cadmean Citadel's outer gates. The Tyranthikos, meanwhile, would be sent once again to the front lines to serve and bleed like every other Iron Warriors Legionary.[1]