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Galatan (Star Fort)

Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Star Fort; for the Ultramarine, see Galatan.

Galatan is a large Star Fort that defends the shipping lanes of the Realm of Ultramar.

The greatest of Ultramar's Star-Forts, Galtan is a hundred kilometers in length and has shipyards which rivaled Luna. Its weaponry is said to be equal to a Sector Battlefleet. Its defense garrison consists of tens of thousands of Ultramar Auxilia and hundreds of Space Marines, many of which hail from the Novamarines Chapter.[2]

During the Plague Wars, it attempted to provide support for Roboute Guilliman's forces on Parmenio but was boarded by the Plague Fleet. Massive casualties ensued as the Imperials defended the vessel, including the loss of Bardan Dovaro, Chapter Master of the Novamarines.[1]

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