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Garm is an Industrial World of the Imperium, long associated with the Space Wolves chapter.

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Garm Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Obscurus
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Industrial World[1a]
Tithe Grade: Unknown


Located on the direct warp route between Fenris and the Eye of Terror, Garm was named after a Wolf Lord from the earliest days of the Chapter, who had given his life defending the Space Wolves' Primarch, Leman Russ, from an attack by Magnus the Red of the Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines. In recognition of this act of sacrifice, Leman Russ raised a cairn to Garm upon the spot of his death, laying his spear — a weapon which had wounded Magnus - atop the memorial and reputedly entrusting it to Garm's spirit.[1a]

This memorial grew over time into an important Imperial Shrine, one zealously maintained and guarded by the inhabitants of the world, as well as watched over by the Space Wolves themselves. Also a place of significance to the Thousand Sons, Garm often found itself the site of battles between warriors from the two ancient foes.[1a] Because of these factors (and Garm's galactic location), the Space Wolves built a small outpost upon the world, one designed to act as a supply and repair base for the Chapter as well as to provide a small Astartes guard for the Shrine of Garm's Skull.[1b]

In more recent times, now an important factory world largely dedicated to the production of munitions, Garm was struck by a swift Chaos uprising caused by various industrial cartels feeling over-taxed by the unpopular Planetary Governor and turning from the Imperial light. Upon learning of the situation, Logan Grimnar ordered the Space Wolves to mobilise a full ten Great Companies and retake the planet.[1a][1c]

Geography, Culture and Planetary Conditions

An industrialised Imperial world, Garm is most notable for being covered in factory-based conurbations, some of which are large enough to be referred to as Hives. Each factory complex is ruled over by a separate cartel - or order as they are more properly called on Garm - which while notionally independent are themselves all technically subordinate to the Imperial Governor of Garm. The sky is dark with air pollution, though the factories glint with steel.[1a]

The Shrine of Garm's Skull

Also known as the Shrine of the Spear of Russ, the Shrine of Garm's Skull is a large, balconied pyramid topped by a statue of a wolf rampant, set upon a fortified plain.[1a]

The interior featured a long processional lined by statues of previous Space Wolf commanders, as well as tapestries depicting victories of the Chapter. At the end of this avenue lay the shrine of Garm itself. Created by the sculptor Corian and carved out of a tusk belonging to a whale of Garm's ancient seas, reputedly slain by Russ himself, the sarcophagus was minutely detailed with images of every Space Wolf alive at the time that Leman Russ strode the surface of the world. The chamber was lit both by light directed inwards from the outside, and by a sacred blue flame, apparently lit by Russ and never extinguished. The Shrine was captured and desecrated by rebels during Garm's brief anti-Imperial uprising, but retaken by the Space Wolves after a short battle.[1d]


The name "Garm" possibly derives from the massive hound guarding the gates of Hel in Norse Mythology, named Garmr in Old English, or Garm in several northern European languages.