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Genestealer Sanctus


The Sanctus is a type of Genestealer Hybrid assassin that kills anyone who poses a problem to the Cult's activities or its survival. They are able to do so with a sniper rifle or knife in the dark, and wear camo-cloaks.[1]


Sanctuses are the favored assassins of a Genestealer Patriarch, eliminating those deemed a threat to the Cult's ascension to glory. Masters of stealth, they are able to slip into the most heavily guarded facilities in order to slay their target with merciless precision. When the Patriarch desires a target slain, it will suffuse its Sanctuses with a trace of the victim's psychic "scent". These assassins are able to follow the trail like bloodhounds, pursuing their victims no matter where they try to run. Their multi-jointed limbs and malleable musculature allows them to squeeze through the tightest spaces and an ability to move in total silence.[2]

Unlike the majority of the Cult's bioforms, Sanctuses are solitary creatures that rarely interact with their broodkin. When not hunting they dwell close to their Patriarch's throne, lurking high in the stanchions above their sires lair. They wear tri-lens goggles usually stolen from the Departmento Munitorum that allow them to track motion in infared and subsonic spectrums. When combined with the Sanctus's formidable olfactory senses, escape from them is almost impossible. For combat, Sancti wield Sanctus Bio-Daggers, "atrophic" blades that are gifts from their patriarch. These blades are grown in a genesis pool that contains the liquefied essence of slain cultists and are imbued with alien biomatter. Non-indoctrinated beings struck with these weapons are overcome with agony as a million voices explode inside their minds, often dropping dead on the spot.

Other sancti prefer to kill at a distance, utilizing a sniper rifle converted to fire needle rounds. Each toxin dart carried by the sanctus is filled with alchemical serum brewed by the sect's biophagus. Engineered from a pure genestealer's blood, this mind-afflicting poison renders its victim a drooling imbecile in seconds. Should their target be a psyker, the serum induces a mental overload as the Hive Mind is visited upon them.[2]

Often, Sanctuses are accompanied by Familiars that act as their Patriarch's eyes. When the Patriarch immerses itself in its genesis pool, it can see through the eyes of the Familiar to better direct the Sanctus towards its target.[2]