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Gildar Rift

Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Galactic formation; for the novel by Sarah Cawkwell, see The Gildar Rift (Novel).

The Gildar Rift is a stellar body located within the Segmentum Obscurus, to the galactic South-West of the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath and a short distance from the Varsavia system.[1]

Notable Events

The Gildar Rift was the site of a major campaign between the Silver Skulls Space Marine Chapter and the renegade Red Corsairs, led by Huron Blackheart. When the Red Corsairs captured the Wolf of Fenris from the Space Wolves, the Silver Skulls retaliated swiftly.[2]

After the Silver Skulls destroyed a Red Corsairs strike force, consisting of several Executor Grand Cruisers, the Corsairs scattered and hid on several inhabited worlds inside the Rift. The Silver Skulls pursued them ruthlessly, and declared the Rift free of Chaotic taint within a matter of weeks.[1]