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Gilead Primus

Gilead Primus is a densely populated Imperium Hive World and the Capital World of the Gilead System.[1b]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Gilead Primus GileadPrimus.jpg
Segmentum: Obscurus
Sector: Gothic[1a]
Subsector: Unknown
System: Gilead
Population: Over sixteen billion
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Hive World
Tithe Grade: Adeptus Nihil[2b]


Gilead Primus is a Hive World that holds a massive orbital plate in its orbit and is circled by five moons.[1b] It's sixteen billion plus population is spread between nine hive cities, separated by barren irradiated rock[2a] and dead alkali flats.[1b] Skeletons of megafauna and abandoned mining towns are the only things to be found outside of the hives.[1b]

Notable Locations

The palaces of the nobility and Adeptus Ministorum of Gilead Primus float on this chunk of rock that has been turned into an artificial paradise by Dark Age radiation barriers and air scrubbers.[1b]
Castle Grigori
A secret Apothecarion and training facility belonging to the Absolvers chapter of space marines, hidden from public knowledge in the southern polar region by radioactive dust storms.[1b]
Runner's Ridge
Officially a residential district of one of the nine hives, Runner's Ridge is actually a trading hub of both legal and illegal goods.[2a]


By early M42, Gilead Primus' Planetary Governor was Lord-Militant Tyleria Fylamon.[2a]


Gilead Primus is defended by an Astra Militarum regiment known as the Gilead Gravediggers. They are proud and stubborn trench fighters.[1c]


Supposedly first colonised during the Great Crusade, it was originally just named Primus. When rediscovered by Explorator Fleet Tsuruoka, they were surprised to find how industrial the world of Primus had become in the Imperium's absence. It's people resisted the colonisation efforts of the Imperium in M31 and were eventually forgotten by Imperial records. Around three millennia later though, the Gilead Crusade scoured the world of heretics, and it's people became loyal Imperial citizens, renaming the world after Julyanna Gilead.[2b]

By M41, all of Gilead Primus' resources had been completely depleted, and thousands of years of toxic industry had rendered the bare rock between the world's hives into an irradiated wasteland.[2a]

The Tora Armis Insurrection

In early M42, one of the minor hive spires, Tora Armis, reported food riots. Eighty seven days later, with no contact from the ruling Noble House van Staten, a squad of Absolvers scouts performed a reconnaissance mission, and reported a buildup in the hive's defences. Lord-Militant Fylamon sent a mixed taskforce consisting of Gravediggers, Sororitas, Tech-Priests, and space marines, under the nominal command of Gravedigger General Hacker to retake the hive.[3]

Putradyne Corporis, of the Rotting Shroud warband of Death Guard had corrupted Lord van Staten and planned to sacrifice the population of Tora Armis to Nurgle in order to ascend to daemonhood.[4a] Cultist servants had summoned daemons and were making concerted efforts to turn the citizenry into poxwalkers.[5] After advance airborne units had gotten behind enemy lines, the hive's gates were breached and fighting spread throughout the city.[4b]

Once Corporis had been located, the Absolvers were deployed, fighting through daemons and a tide of undead until they encountered both the Plague Marine and a Great Unclean One known as Botuthrax Clostidia.[6]