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Gilead System

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The Gilead System is a System of Imperial space on the inner border of the Gothic Sector[1] that contains many different Human-inhabited worlds and was conquered by the Imperium in M34, while in the midst of a protracted Crusade. Due to the creation of the Great Rift, the Gilead System is now located within the Dark Imperium.[2]

The giant Warp Storm has also caused the Absolvers Chapter to become trapped within the System and they are now fighting to protect it. Due to the numerous threats facing Gilead, however, the Chapter is spread thin and they have increased their recruitment of Aspirants. The citizens of Gilead's Heartworlds, though, whisper of the righteous wrath of the Absolvers, as the Chapter is relentless and draconian in their fight against Heresy. Though they have had great success in defeating Daemons, the collateral damage in doing so has been significant.[3]


The Gilead System was thought to have been initially discovered and colonised during the Great Crusade, designated by crusaders as SKN-71-L-009, though it was quickly forgotten as a result of the Horus Heresy and its insignificant location in the galaxy.[4a] Imperial records show that it was rediscovered in the first century of M31 by the Mechanicum Explorator Fleet Tsuruoka, who designated the system NNE.59021, colonised Avachrus, and noted non-Imperial humans living on Ostia and Primus. The Mechanicum explorers discovered archaeotech and xenos ruins on the worlds, both of which they covered up, all the while expanding Imperial colonisation efforts. However, the natives of Ostia and Primus initially resisted assimilation.[4b]

NNE.59021 drifted back into obscurity until the Gilead Crusade, named for Saint Julyanna Gilead, arrived in M34 to scour the system of heretics and corrupt Space Marines residing there. Both the system and the world known as Primus were named after Gilead in her honour. For the next six thousand years, the Gilead System was a bastion of loyal Imperial citizens.[4b]

With the creation of the Cicatrix Maledictum at the end of M41, Gilead found itself stuck in the Dark Imperium, completely cut off from the rest of the Imperium for three years without any respite or news of the wider galaxy. A Rogue Trader named Jakel Varonius then managed to break through with a flotilla of ships, along with news and material supplies, but he had arrived with only a third of the ships he had departed the Imperium with. To make matters more complicated, Jakel had seemingly arrived to install himself as the de facto head of a new provisional Gilead government, but struggled with leveraging his own authority over the other prominent individuals and factions in his own flotilla, let alone the planetary governors of the system.[4b]