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A Glaive Encarmine

The Glaive Encarmine is a two handed master-crafted power weapon that the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard use to accompany their Angelus Bolters. They do not have the luxury of choosing the weapons they will enter into battle with, as the weapons they wield are traditional to their rank, and have been for the last ten thousand years.[1a]

The Blood Angels Sanguinor is also equipped with a Glaive Encarmine, which is more evidence to support his masked identity as Azkaellon, the founder and first leader of the Sanguinary Guard[1b]

Crafted long ago using forgotten methods and techniques, few weapons in the Blood Angels armouries approach the elegance and mastery of manufacture embodied in the Glaive Encarmine. In battle, a skilled Battle-Brother can wield such a weapon as easily as he might a combat knife.[2]

Notable Glaive Encarmine's

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