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Goghur is a World Eaters Chaos Lord, who commands the Goghur's Chosen Warband.[1]


At veteran of the Great Crusade, Goghur and his later followers became enthralled by their Primarch's power on the day Angron took command of the World Eaters.[1] Goghur subsequently became part of the Devourers, Angron's bodyguards, though never held a ranking position or garnered much fame.[2a]

Goghur followed his Primarch into betraying the Imperium during the Horus Heresy and became a firm devotee of the Chaos God Khorne.[1] When the World Eaters were left leaderless following the Siege of Terra, Goghur not only rose to lead his own warband, he also assumed de facto leadership of the bulk of the legion due to no one surviving a challenge to him.[2a] Regardless, he did not command much respect, and shared his powers with other World Eaters officers in the "Enclave" assembly.[2a][2b]

When the World Eaters sought refuge in the Eye of Terror during the Great Scouring, they chanced upon the planet Skalathrax. As the world and its system were an ideal base of operations, but had already been claimed by the Emperor's Children, Goghur advocated for an immediate assault.[2a][2b] After the Battle of Skalathrax shattered the World Eaters' last bits of unity, Goghur led his warband to shatter Ork Waaaghs!, break Tyranid Splinter Fleets, and drowne Imperial worlds in blood. In M42, he even became the doom of more than one Indomitus Crusade task force. These victories have seen the Warband's ranks of Berzerkers grow and grow. To join the Chosen, however, a warrior must prove themselves worthy to Goghur, by competing in a series of brutal gladiatorial contests.[1]

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