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Golden Sons

Golden Sons
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Founding Chapter: Blood Angels[1a]
Founding: M38[1a]
Chapter Master: Erden Cleeve[1b]
Homeworld: Fleet Based[1a]
Colours: Black and gold[1b]

The Golden Sons are a Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels.[1a]


The Chapter was Founded in M38 and were charged with patrolling the northern reaches of the Galaxy. The Golden Sons' ships were said to have an auric quality to them and each housed a portion of the Chapter's fabled Librarius.[1a] The Chapter's Battle Brothers were considered warrior-scholars and wore golden tattoos on their faces.[1b]

They were among the Blood Angels' Successor Chapters that took part in the Devastation of Baal[1b]. The war with Hive Fleet Leviathan, though, destroyed the Golden Sons' fleet and reduced them to only a handful of scattered survivors[1a]. While they were left virtually destroyed in the war's aftermath, the Golden Sons have since received Primaris Space Marine reinforcements to rebuild their Chapter. However the Primaris can not replace what has been lost to Leviathan and the Golden Sons now no longer resemble the Chapter they once were[2]. They are currently among Sanguinary Brotherhood, that are taking part in the Angel's Halo campaign.[3]

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