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Gorandahl Sub-sector

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The Gorandahl Sub-sector is an Imperial Segmentum Obscurus Sub-Sector, that is located at the mouth of the Nachmund Gauntlet' Imperium Sanctus opening.[1]


It was once a region of relative property and safety, as well as being forfeited and well protected against external threats. However the Great Rift's creation changed all that and overnight, half of Gorandahl's Systems were consumed by Warp Storms. Those that remained faced invasions and reality-warping phenomena, while their worlds were left in nightmarish ruins, suffered unnatural plagues, were ravaged by Heretic warbands, simply vanished or suffered outbreaks of psychic mutantations that plunged them into civil war.[1]

It was from the Sanguis System world Sangua Terra, that the Gorandahl Sub-Sector's deliverance began to take shape. The world was mysteriously unharmed by the Great Rift's creation and its Imperial Commander, Kalendela Tol, formed the Sangua-Terran War Council. This coalition of military and religious leaders, allowed Tol to stabilize the Sub-sector until aid from the wider Imperium could arrive. Once it did, years of bitter warfare followed, until Gorandahl became a relatively stable Imperial province once more. In reality, though, the Sub-sector had become a perilous new frontier, as it was now abutting the rolling madness of the Great Rift itself. and a perilous new frontier abutting the rolling madness of the Great Rift.[1]

The later discovery of the Nachmund Gauntlet, however, would make Gorandahl's safety a priority for the Imperium. On the other side of the Gauntlet was the world of Vigilus, which was ordered to be held by the Imperium at all costs. This led the Gorandahl Sub-sector to designated by Sector Command, as a production and transport hub that would deliver supplies to Vigilus through the Nachmund Gauntlet. The Sangua-Terran War Council, though, became overstretched as it complied with their new orders, while also protecting the Sub-sector from the Imperium's enemies. A disaster was inevitable as a result and it came in the form of a billowing Warp flare from the Great Rift. The Sanguis System was struck by it, leaving only Sangua Terra relatively unharmed. The rest of the System's worlds were crippled and even Sangua Terra's Moon, Sigil, was transformed into a Daemonic landscape. It was from there, that the Daemon Lord Tchorr'Kan's legions began attacking Sangua Terra and other neighboring worlds. Worse still, word spread that Abaddon the Despoiler had sent his forces down the Nachmund Gauntlet and the Heretics would soon fall upon Gorandahl.[1]

These latest crises finally led Sector Command to send what Imperial forces could be spared to aid the Sanguis System. It also designated Gorandahl's Jaghaal, Coryxx and Leonid Systems as the Sanctus Wall, which would defend the Nachmund Gauntlet's Imperium Sanctus opening. However, this became known to Abaddon the Despoiler and his agents are now amongst the Imperium's ranks, working to prevent the Sanctus Wall from being completed.[1][2a]

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