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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Gorgon Armoured Assault Transport; for the other uses, see Gorgon (disambiguation).
Gorgon with Bolters
Gorgon with Mortars
Stormblade, Gorgon, Leman Russ

The Gorgon Armoured Assault Transport provides heavily armored transport to large numbers of troops, often charging to the front lines, offloading and using its various sponsons to lay down withering amounts of fire before retreating back to Imperial lines. The Gorgon is known to be used by the Death Korps of Krieg and specialized siege regiments. It is an open topped tank, armed with Heavy Stubbers, and additional sponson mounted weapons - especially Mortars, Heavy Bolters or Heavy Flamers. There are rumors of a closed top version of the Gorgon with turret mounts with sponsoned heavy bolter or stubbers.

Vehicle Name: Gorgon Armoured Assault Transport Main Armament: 4 Heavy Stubbers
Forge World of Origin: Vanaheim Secondary Armament: 4 Mortars
Known Patterns: I-VIII Traverse: 92 degrees
Crew: Driver, 2 Gunners Elevation: From -22 to 34degrees
Powerplant: XD503 v11 p6 twin coupled2 multi-fuel Main Ammunition: 8000 rounds
Weight: 220 tonnes Secondary Ammunition: 4 rounds
Length: 13.9m Armour
Width: 8.1m
Height: 4.9m Superstructure: 200mm
Ground Clearance: .7m Hull: 180mm
Max Speed - on road 27kph Gun Mantlet None
Max Speed - off road: 19kph Vehicle Designation: 5657-776-0155-GO99
Transport Capacity: 50 men Firing Ports: n/a
Access Points: n/a Turret: None