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Grand Master of Assassins

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The Grand Master of Assassins is the leader of the Officio Assassinorum[1].

He is never seen by ordinary members of the Adeptus Terra, but rumoured to have personal access to the Emperor himself. His loyalty to the Emperor must be beyond doubt, for he single-handedly controls an organisation that could feasibly topple the Imperium should he so wish. It seems that he is chosen from among the directors of the temples. The Grand Master is always one of the High Lords of Terra, which ensures all Grand Masters have a say in the future of the Imperium.

The first Grand Master was Malcador the Sigillite, regent of Terra.[1] In 546.M32, the position was held by Drakan Vangorich who was responsible for the events of The Beheading where he assassinated all the members of the High Lords of Terra, after which he escaped to an Assassinorum temple in hiding. A retribution force of Space Marines was dispatched who battled numerous assassins with a single Astartes succeeding in surviving to eliminate the traitorous Grand Master.[2]

Notable Grand Masters of Assassins



Members of the High Lords of Terra
Permanent Members Master of the AdministratumEcclesiarchInquisitorial RepresentativeFabricator-GeneralGrand Provost MarshalPaternoval EnvoyMaster of the AstronomicanMaster of the Adeptus Astra TelepathicaGrand Master of AssassinsLord Commander of the Imperium
Rotating Members Lord Commander of Segmentum SolarLord Commander MilitantCardinals of the Holy SynodAbessChancellor of the Estate ImperiumSpeaker for the Chartist CaptainsLord High AdmiralCaptain-General
Lesser Members Chirurgeon-GeneralChancellor of the Imperial CouncilCommandant of the Schola ProgeniumLord Constable of the SynopticonMistress Plenary of the Catacombs
Former Members High Lord of the Imperial Chancellery