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Grendel (Xenos)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the xenos lifeforms. For other uses of Grendel, see Grendel (disambiguation).

Grendels (also called Grendel-clones and Grendel-creatures) are non-humanoid xenos lifeforms native to the planetoid of Gath Rimmon.[1]

There are several different varieties of the Grendel-creature, but they all share features in common. Seemingly formed from the black rock of Gath Rimmon itself, each Grendel is a fearsome creature standing between one and five metres tall. Each Grendel is protected by rock-like, spiky skin capable of resisting bolter fire and withstanding the acid storms of Gath Rimmon. The beasts are also armed with multiple jagged limbs tipped with talons comparable to lightning claws, along with a mouth full of sharp teeth. In addition, some are capable of flight.[1]

The Grendels possess a limited level of intelligence allowing them to recognise intruders and defend their territory. There is no evidence, however, that they are sentient.[1]


It is never established whether the Grendels have an "official" name in-universe: they were referred to as "Grendels" by Baldr Svelok of the Space Wolves, who compared the various native lifeforms of Gath Rimmon to the Grendel of Fenrisian demi-myth.[1]