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Grey Death

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Targetdrone.gif Iron Drakes redirects here. For the loyalist Chapter, see Iron Drakes (Salamanders Chapter).
Grey Death
GreyDeath8th.jpg Unknown.jpg
Colours: Green-grey with dark steel trim[2]
Chaos Dedication: Nurgle[2]
Strength: c. 500 (M37)[1]

The Grey Death are a Chaos Space Marine warband. Originally known as the Iron Drakes, they were among the thirty Chapters corrupted during the Abyssal Crusade.[1]


During the Crusade, the Iron Drakes' fleet was crippled by the Death Guard near the world of Anathrax, marooning the Space Marines on the Nurgle-devoted world. For an entire century, the Iron Drakes waged a guerrilla war against the Death Guard on Anathrax, with the latter deliberately choosing not to quickly kill them in battles to let them suffer from wounds and the loss of their equipment.[2] Harried by the diseased-ridden living vegetation and Plague Marines of the world, half of the Iron Drakes mutated into screaming fungus-trees. The remainder surrendered, devoted themselves to Nurgle and became the Grey Death.[1]

Eventually, the Grey Death remerged from the Eye of Terror and started to raid the Imperium,[2] intending to spread plagues far and wide.[1]

Known Members

  • Brother Gluttmar, Bringer of the Seven Fungal Forests.[2]

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