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The Gudoryx are a sentient Xenos species, that was nearly destroyed by the Black Templars Ledovar Crusade.[1]


They once had a rich religious heritage, that contained life-shrines, crystal statues and sacred myceleine codices. All of which were protected by the Gudoryx's War-broods. However during their conflict with the Ledovar Crusade, 23 of the Crusade's Sword Brethren appointed themselves the holy task of eradicating all trace of the Xenos' fervent faith. By the time the Crusade was done, the Sword Brethren had erased from the galactic record, every trace of the Gudoryx's fervent faith. The last dregs of the Xenos species that still live, are now left to squirm in the mud, in barbarous ignorance.[1]

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