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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Death Cult. For other uses of Haemovore, see Haemovore (disambiguation).

The Haemovores are a Death Cult of the Imperium.[1]


Believing that to be spiritually strong one must be physically strong, Haemovores consider themselves the ultimate predator. To possess their positions of power they consume those they perceive as standing in their way. Essentially cannibals, Haemovores have sharpened teeth or metal jaws, and carry specialized utensils such as marrow-spoons or brain forks. Higher ranked members of the cult may even have limb-grinders and flesh-strippers fitted directly to their digestive system.[1]

Death Cultists are frequently cannibals and haemavores (blood drinkers), who feel purified by eating the bodies of those they have slain. They believe that they steal their enemy's soul and prowess for themselves.[2]

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