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The Hall of Judgement is the holy sanctum of the Adeptus Arbites.[1]

Located on Terra, the Hall of Judgement is a relatively modest structure compared to the other agency department's on Terra. Expanding much further beneath the earth than above it, the Hall is a heavily armed fortress bristling with anti-aircraft cannons, automated gun turrets, gunship launch bays, and Gun Servitors. Many rumors surround the Hall of Judgement, including that its deepest cells hold mad heretics from a bygone age and that the Emperor himself appears in mirrors to deliver his verdict to the accused.[3]

The Hall of Judgment contains the complete Book of Judgement of the Lex Imperialis. Volume upon leather-bound volume sits upon rows of iron shelves that fill its walls. Every row of the Hall is home to ten thousand volumes, the shelves soaring a hundred metres up towards the vaulted ceilings. Over the ages, the Hall has been expanded and extended many times, so that it is now an entire complex covering many acres, with miles of corridors, levels, and rooms. Scholars, scribes, and law lords pace the time-worn marble floors, while above their heads, on the narrow gantries and ladders that cover the shelf stacks like a spider’s web, crawl legal assistants and low-ranking functionaries, searching through the detritus of judgement for weeks and months at a time to find just a single reference.[2]

Every Adeptus Arbites Judge, at some point in his career, attempts a pilgrimage to the Hall of Judgement, there to study the full intricacies of the law. Many spend long years there, for the most heinous, subtle, or far-reaching crimes often require a lengthy process of research to pass judgement.[2]