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Hearthkyn Salvager

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The Hearthkyn Salvagers are hardened Leagues of Votann scouts and explorers who have been trained to extract prized artifacts and locate precious resources within the depths of Space Hulks and spaceship wrecks.[1]


Each is well-acquainted with the dangers of Space Hulk exploration, and Kill Team Units of Salvagers also carry a wide assortment of survey equipment to help identify cost-efficient targets within them. The Salvagers also include advanced Ironkin known as Kognitâar, whose intelligence allows the machines to receive and processes tactical data at an astonishing rate[1]. Their ranks also include Luggers and Jump-pack Warriors[2].


  • Theyn : Hearthkyn who show particular aptitude for leadership are nominated by their superiors or comrades to be promoted to the rank of Theyn. In command of their own squad, Theyns are highly experienced hulk-delvers.
  • Dôzr : They can smash open sealed hatches or even solid walls with their Concussion Knux, punching a way through for their Kin. In battle, their weapons are even more devastating to their unfortunate enemies.[3]
  • Field Medic : These Hearthkyn are given exhaustive training in first aid under fire, as well as limited engineering tuition that enables them to provide care to damaged Ironkin.[3]
  • Grenadier : Armed with bandoliers of grenades and explosives, Grenadiers can clear a corridor of foes in an instant, blow through locked doors and provide tactical support to their Kin in the heat of a firefight.[3]
  • Gunner : Hearthkyn Salvagers have access to a wide variety ofspecial and heavy weapons. Gunners select the tools best suited to the task at hand.[3]
  • Jump Pack Warrior : Hearthkyn Salvagers using jump packs are able to navigate harsh terrain with ease, and in battle can utilise their equipment's power to increase the impact of their charge.[3]
  • Kinlynk : they work to ensure all their Kin can remain in contact. They calmly relay tactical information in the heat ofbattle, and even disrupt enemy comms.[3]
  • Kognitâar : These Ironkin possess extremely complex artificial intelligences, and use this immense cogitational power to support their squad. Constantly receiving, organising and analysing data, Kognitâar provide real-time tactical information to their Kin.[3]
  • Lokâtr : the pan spectral scanners of the Lokâtrs are essential in allowing the Kin to anticipate threats and react in whichever way is the most practical.[3]
  • Luger : these redoubtable Kin carry enormous loads of essential equipment and supplies without complaint. Contributing every ounce ofstrength they have to their cause, they are highly regarded by their Kin.[3]
  • Warrior : Hearthkyn Warriors are robust and grizzled individuals, fiercely proud of their role in hazardous boarding operations. Warriors provide vital support to their squad's specialists, gunning down foes as their comrades conduct mission-essential tasks.[3]


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