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Hekaton Land Fortress

Hekaton Land Fortress[2]

Hekaton Land Fortresses are the main battle tanks of the Leagues of Votann and also serve as transports for its forces, capable of holding 12 warriors.[1] It symbolizes the maximalist design of the Votann, who are some of the greatest engineers in the galaxy.[4]

While ferrying troops across the battlefield is an important duty in its own right, the Hekaton is also a battle tank in its own right. Land Fortresses are heavily armed, equipped with weapons such as the Cyclic Ion Cannon, Heavy Magna-Rail Cannon, SP Heavy Conversion Beamer, MATR Autocannon, and smaller mounts of Bolt Cannons and Ion Beamers for point defence.[3] Its Pan Spectral Scanner can be traded out for a variety of Missile Launcher options, including the haywire Ancestor's Vengeance Warhead, anti-armour Mountain Breaker Warhead, or anti-infantry Kin's Wrath Warhead.[4] For protection, they are equipped with Void Armour.[1] Hekatons are piloted by a Kin driver and Ironkin co-pilot.[4]


Missile options from left to right: Ancestor's Vengeance, Mountain Breaker, and Kin's Wrath Warheads[4]