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High Gothic

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High Gothic (called "Tech" in the earliest background) is the hieratic tongue of the Imperium, used in the titles of ancient institutions and organisations (such as the Adeptus Terra). It represents an older language and is regarded as holy. In the Age of the Imperium, it is the Warhammer equivalent of Latin or French during the real-life medieval age, and is represented by Latinized English.

High Gothic is a version of the language in which technical manuals and ancient works are recorded. This developed during the Dark Age of Technology. It derives from the common tongue of the time, an assimilation of English, European and Pacific languages, and developed in the Merican/Pacific region of Terra. This was the universal medium of written record until the Age of Strife, and was spoken as a first language by many and as a second language by almost everyone. Its idioms and vocabulary now appear archaic and mystic, and many of its words have acquired religious significance over the years.

Low Gothic, a bastardised version of High Gothic, is the common tongue of the present Imperium.