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Holo-fields are programmable hologram fields utilised by the Eldar to defend themselves from enemy attacks. Rather than a typical force field which directly blocks an attack a holo-field distorts the user's image, preventing them from being hit in the first place. When stationary the field mimics the surrounding terrain so that the person or vehicle becomes invisible,[1][6] but when they move the field causes their image to explode into a cloud of tiny, multi-coloured fragments, with the fragments dispersing more widely the faster they move and then collapsing back together as the subject stops, giving rise to the term jigsaw or domino field.[1]

Amongst this shifting cloud of coloured shards an enemy cannot be sure where a user of a holo-field really is and so has difficulty hitting them, whether with ranged or melee attacks.[1] Indeed the visual distortion put out by even a personal holo-field is powerful enough to cause the trajectory of shots from laser weapons such as lasguns to bend and miss.[4a] Holo-fields not only disrupt visual targeting but other methods as well, preventing even the most advanced sensory gear from getting an accurate lock.[2]

Holo-suits are typically worn by Harlequins,[1][3b] while Eldar Rangers also wear a type of holo-suit for camouflage,[7] and the Shadow Spectres Aspect Shrine also utilise holo-fields to defend themselves.[4b] Many Eldar Vehicles will incorporate holo-fields into their construction to defend themselves from enemy attacks,[3a] while all Eldar Titans are equipped with powerful holo-fields as well.[1] Similarly all Eldar Spacecraft rely upon holo-fields as their primary means of protection.[5]