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House Borgius

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House Info
Name: House Borgius
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Dutonis[1a]

House Borgius is a Knight House of the Imperium from the Knight World Dutonis.[1a]


Along with House Navaros, they constantly remain vigilant in their defense of their mineral-rich Homeworld[1a]. Despite this, both Households are fierce rivals and have been embroiled in a bitter feud that dates back several millennia. The two Houses have even engaged in open civil warfare on multiple occasions, to the point that their Sacristans have had to request aid from the nearby Forge World of Lucius to prevent disruption to Dutonis's mining efforts.[1b]

Notable Actions

During The Scouring, a combined strike force of Knights from Houses Cadmus, Terryn and Borgius annihilated the turncoats of House Devine, as Imperial forces reclaimed the Knight World Molech.[1c]

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