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House Cerberan

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House Cerberan was a Knight House of the Imperium that later turned to Chaos.[1a][1b]

House Info
Name: House Cerberan
Affiliation: Chaos
Knight World: Randoryn Alpha

It ruled over Randoryn Alpha, until sometime after the Great Rift's creation when their Homeworld was invaded by the Iron Warriors forces of the Warsmith Ghanshor.[1a] Though House Cerberan fought heroically and killed many of the Warsmith's forces, they were heavily outnumbered. Each Knight lost and stronghold destroyed wore down the House's strength, until the last of Cerberan's Knights made a last stand in front of their fortress, Stygian Keep. The Warsmith would not be denied Randoryn Alpha, though, and the Knight suits were disabled by invasive electrogheists. The Nobles who commanded them were then hauled out for torturous reconditioning. With their fall, Ghanshor controlled Randoryn Alpha and then enslaved the world's population. As for the captured Nobles, the horrors that the Iron Warriors inflicted upon them were beyond imagining, and gradually broke their spirits. This then allowed them to easily embrace the worship of Chaos and corrupted their Knight suits into heretical engines of destruction. Soon only the Noble Hekhtur Cerberan remained uncorrupted and he held onto his loyalty to the Emperor, no matter what was inflicted upon him. His deliverance later arrived though, when his Knight Preceptor Canis Rex activated on its own and freed the Noble, who later escaped from his doomed Homeworld.[1b]

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