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House Chimaeros

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House Info
Name: House Chimaeros
Affiliation: Chaos
Knight World: Adrastapol (former)[3b][4]
Colours: Grey and green[2b]
Motto: "Fortis vo Modifactum"[2b]

House Chimaeros was one of the Knight Houses that resided on Adrastapol. Their Knights are taught to remain flexible in battle, in order to use their opponents' strengths against them. This is reflected in their motto, "Fortis vo Modifactum" (High Gothic for "Strength through adaptation"). Outside of battle, the lords of House Chimaeros wield Chimerswords for ceremonial and dueling purposes.[2b][2d]


When the Ork Warboss Skarjaw invaded the Knight World, House Chimaeros and the other Knight Houses worked together to destroy the Warboss' forces.[1]

Later, it was revealed that House Chimaeros and House Wyvorn had pledged themselves to the Forces of Chaos, when they took part in the Betrayal on Donatos alongside the Word Bearers and their Cultist allies[2b][4]. Though High King Tolwyn Tan Draconis was killed in the betrayal, his son Danial Tan Draconis rallied the Imperial forces[4] to victory and the traitor Knights were destroyed. When the newly crowned High King later returned to Adrastapol, Danial ordered a purge of House Chimaeros and Wyvorn. In a long process, that was overseen by the Ministorum, the strongholds of both Houses were destroyed and their Knights were either killed or, if found free of heresy, they were forced to become Freeblades and were banished from the Knight World.[3b]

Known Knights

Other Personnel

Former Knights

  • Luk Kar Chimaeros — Formerly Sire Luk Tan Chimaeros, son and heir of Viscount Gerraint and Lady Alicia. Following his House's fall to Chaos, Luk renounced his House and titles and became the Freeblade Knight Known as the Knight of Ashes.[2d][3a]

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