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House Col'Khak

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Col'Khak
Affiliation: Mechanicum
Knight World: Atar-Planitia[7a]
Colours: Red/Black[5]

House Col'Khak is an Adeptus Mechanicus Knight House that resides on the frigid world of Atar-Median.[1]


Founded upon the frigid word of Atar-Planitia to serve alongside the newly founded Forge World of Atar-Median, the Knights of Col'Khak were forever bound in service to Atar-Median and the Legio Atarus. Like Atar-Median, the House was formed by those dispatched from Phaeton and were trained to function flawlessly against the forces of Atar-Median and Legio Atarus. This unbreakable bond ensured that only rarely did they take to the field alone and full authority over the Knights was often divested to the command of whichever Archmagos or Princeps is present.[6]

The devotion of the House to the ideals of the Mechanicum and Omnissiah extended far beyond the field of battle. All within its ranks displayed extreme reverence for the technological artefacts given to it. In accordance with their allegiance they fielded greater numbers of rarer technologies, most notable being their entire formations of rarer Knight Styrix suits. Many of their Knight pilots underwent extreme augmentation in the mirror of their Mechanicum patrons.[6]

At the start of the Horus Heresy, House Col'Khak operated around 100 Knights. The House was deployed to Isstvan V and the first to bring the traitors to Battle. They were wiped out upon the world but survivors backed by the industrial might of Phaeton saw the House rebuilt to some 254 Knight armours.[7a] These were able to enact their revenge upon the traitors alongside their Atarus brethren in the Cataclysm of Iron. Here, they took to the field independently more frequently.[6]

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