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House Iyngor was an Imperial Knight House.[1]

House Info
Name: House Iyngor
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Motto: Unknown


The House met its end, when Iyngor's last ruler fail to Heresy and used its Knight suit, Gilded King, to kill all of its Knights. The Gilded King then went on a rampage that devastated House Iyngor's Knight World and wiped out its civilization and nearly the entire existence of the House. Only two elements bearing the House's history survived: the first, was a sculpture that stretched around the world's equator and depicted the Gilded King's first bonding. The second, was the golden escutcheons sigils that the House's Knights wore, before the fallen Knight tore them all off and used them to cover its body in gold.[1]

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