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House Mandrakor

Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Mandrakor
Affiliation: Chaos, many particularly devoted to Tzeentch[3]
Knight World: Dharrovar
Colours: Unknown
Motto: Unknown

House Mandrakor is a Traitorous Knight House whose Homeworld, Dharrovar, resides in the Nachmund Gauntlet.[1]


Initially the House had few external enemies in a relatively peaceful part of the Galaxy, leaving few foes to battle and instead turning to internal politicking. Those who pushed too hard for off-world campaigns or broke their strict rules of secrecy were executed. Over the millennia, bloodlines became increasingly distrustful of each other but total civil war was averted thanks to the ruling Monarchs brutally stamping out major threats to stability. Advancement in the House could only be achieved through politics, bribery, and intrigue as family's formed centuries-old plots and vendettas against others. They did all this whilst publicly being comrades, as all High Monarchs after Karakalis ordered that they be ready to stand together in the event the Imperium attacked.[3]

With the formation of the Great Rift, High King Kaligius and his sister-wife High Queen Kaligia of the Great Rift grew paranoid and retreated many seeking refuge or parlay with suspicion. They become so fiercely independent that he has been declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the Adeptus Terra. Not all of the House's Knights have followed Kaligius into treachery, however, and a civil war broke out within the House. Some loyalist Knights have also escaped Dharrovar and now act as Freeblades, battling alongside the Imperium on Vigilus.[4]

During the Nachmund Rift War, House Mandrakor found itself besieged from a major Imperial offensive but was relieved by a Black Legion army under Haarken Worldclaimer. Haarken trusts the Renegade Knights little, and sought to quickly establish his own authority over them.[3]

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