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House Orhlacc

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Orhlacc
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Dark Haven
Colours: Purple with gold and black decoration[5]

House Orhlacc was a Knight House of the Imperium. The House held dominion over the world of Dark Haven in the Cyclops Cluster.



The Death World of Dark Haven was colonized by Humans during the later days of the Dark Age of Technology. Home to a deadly fungi organism, colonization was slow and troublesome and famine became a common problem. Only Knight Houses were able to endure the world's predators, parasites, and fungal growth. Eventually only one House was able to survive, those of House Orhlacc. Thanks to genetic engineering to adapt to the planet, within a dozen generations Human life on Dark Haven was able to survive.[1a]

Great Crusade

After making contact with the Dark Angels, House Orhlacc pledged service to the Imperium and took part in the Great Crusade. Their Knights served in hundreds of war zones over the course of the campaign.[1a]

Horus Heresy

By the start of the Horus Heresy, House Orhlacc numbered some 300 Knight suits, the majority of which were Questoris or Cerastus Patterns.[4] When Horus invaded the Cluster, Orhlacc repelled his herald, the rogue trader Charid Undine, with force and reported the incident to sector authorities. Unfortunately, Mezoa was under blockade and could only offer empty platitudes. It was expected that Orhlacc would resist until the bitter end.[Needs Citation]

In 4102007.M31, Dark Haven had gone completely silent, unresponsive to communications efforts from the Lunar-class cruiser Khabir on deep patrol. Further investigation discovered that Orhlacc had vanished from Dark Haven, leaving only empty structures behind.[1b]

During the Crusade of Iron, House Orhlacc fought closely alongside the Legio Praesagius.[3a] They later fought beside Legio Destructor in the Battle of Beta-Garmon.[2]

Known Knights

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