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Name: House Vulker
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Aurous IV
Colours: Red
Motto: For the Gilded Glory of the Omnissiah[4]

House Vulker is an Adeptus Mechanicus Knight House.[1]


They place great value in the primacy of firepower to achieve victory on the battlefield, and are thought to be the first Knight House to utilize the Tripartite Lance — a formation that harnesses the combined skills and firepower of the Knight Warden, Knight Crusader and the Knight Gallant.[1]

House Vulker is reclusive and mysterious. Their home world is Aurous IV, a mineral-rich planet nestled in a crowded star system. It was to exploit the planets of this system, and surrounding asteroid belts, that the forge world Bellus Prime was established nearby. The bonds between Aurous IV and Bellus Prime remain tight, with the same golden-plated servitor creatures working upon both worlds. The courts of House Vulker are singular places, full of Tech-Priests and servitors that speak in coded machine language and number sequences. They enact mechanical ceremonies that are, for the uninitiated, disturbing to look upon, their meanings unclear and vaguely sinister. The Nobles of House Vulker hide every inch of their flesh with robes, sometimes even wearing masks of gold. Outsiders are not welcome within their steel-clad fortresses.[3]

When called to war, the Knights of House Vulker leave behind their curious trappings, striding out to do battle with all the surety of their peers. They place a premium upon well-coordinated plans for both attack and defence, always engaging the enemy at the optimal distance by utilising carefully cogitated trajectories. This often results in Vulker’s Knights waiting patiently for the enemy to draw close before annihilating them with searing barrages.[3]

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