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Hurtado Bronzi

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Hurtado 'Hurt' Bronzi was the Hetman of the 'Jokers' Company of the Geno Five-Two Chiliad, a division serving in the 670th Imperial Expedition Fleet during the Great Crusade.[1a]


Edessan by birth, by the time of the Nurth campaign Bronzi was a veteran Hetman who had served the Geno Five-Two for decades. He was regarded by his superiors, including his uxor, Honen Mu, as one of the best field officers in the brigade despite his cheek.[1a] Bronzi led the Jokers company and was close friends with Peto Soneka, Hetman of the Dancers company.[1a]

Bronzi narrowly escaped the raiding of Visages in a transport vehicle, along with Hetman Dimiter Shiban. Shiban was killed by an Alpha Legion Astartes, while Bronzi was later revealed to have been recruited as an Alpha Legion operative.[1c]

The last time Hurtado Bronzi was seen, he was being carried off the Imperial Flagship Blamires, having been tortured for information by Lord Commander Teng Namatjira's Lucifer Black Companions.[1b]. Before the Alpha Legion's attack on the flagship, a team led by Peto Soneka was sent to free Bronzi from captivity, as a personal favour from Primarch Alpharius.


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