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Idresha Cluwge

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Idresha Cluwge was the Chief Ethnologue of Anakwanar Sek.


Her duty is to learn all about the life and culture of the Imperium, at least in the Sabbat Worlds.[1a] This accounts for one of the most critical weaknesses of the Archon's host: they might be able to destroy the forces of the Imperium in combat, but only Idresha's understanding would allow them true mastery and subjugation.[1b]

When General Noches Sturm was captured by Sek's forces and brought to Gereon, Idresha took to questioning him. She asked him curious questions concerning various aspects of Imperial life, such as the popularity of fried eggs and the mechanisms of the Munitorum.[2]


Idresha is an immense and swollen female slug, said to resemble the effigies of the Earth Mother that early humans had fashioned, and was so morbidly obese that all her facial features has vanished into folds of skin except her loose mouth. She customarily wears a wide-brimmed Phrygian hat and expensive fabric around her bulk. Her retinue consists of four midget servitors who carry her and two hooded female life-wards who also serve as her translators. Idresha's own speech is described as "barbaric clutches of consonants" being belched.[1a]