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Iktomi is a Necromunda Ratskin warrior and is partners with Caleb Cursebound, described as the 9th most dangerous man in the Underhive.[1]

Their partnership began after a great tragedy struck Iktomi however. Her Ratskin tribe, who bore red facial markings around their eyes, were killed and skinned alive, by what what Iktomi described as daemons with metal wings, in what became known as the Blood River Massacre. Iktomi only managed to survive after falling into a Spider nest, which she emerged from just as Caleb came across her tribe's skinless bodies. She was covered in poisonous spider bites and Caleb took care of her, as Iktomi lay in a comatose for a week before she finally awoke. After she had fully recovered, Iktomi became Caleb's partner and helped him achieve many of the exploits that earned Caleb his reputation. Among them is that he single-handedly brought down Bone­snapper's Badrock Boys and killed the Unseen Beast of Sumptown. In truth, though, Caleb does not have the stomach for killing and instead relies more on mis­direction and distraction in combat. It is really Iktomi who lands the killing blows against Caleb's foes, but he does not correct anyone, as it allows their focus to be on him and leads them to underestimate Iktomi. This arrangement has proved extremely beneficial for them and has led Caleb to be sought after for many Underhive jobs. One among them was from the ex-House Delaque info-broker Kreep, who tasked Caleb with stealing the Hand of Harrow from the museum kept by the Noble House Harrow.[1]

They were able to infiltrate House Harrow's museum, which was filled with grisly trophies taken from the Nobles' Underhive hunts. Among them were the skins of Ratskin's with similar tribal facial scarring that Iktomi wore. Before they could determine if the skins were really her family, Lord Harrow, the Patriarch of the Noble House, attacked them while wearing a Spyrer suit. The Lord explained that their was no Hand of Harrow, it was simply a lure to bring prey to him, as his advanced age prevented him from hunting in the Underhive. With that he began hunting them and knocked out Iktomi, but while Caleb continued to evade Harrow, he discovered the head of One-eyed Tippet, a thief who normally worked for the info-broker Kreep. Then Lord Harrow captured Caleb, but the quick thinking Underhiver distracted him by asking if the Noble was responsible for killing Iktomi's tribe. When Lord Harrow then looked at Iktomi's tribal facial scarrings, to see if he recognized them, Caleb tore out the Spyrer suit's canister of stimulants and combat drugs. The resulting spray of gas, caused the Noble to become berserk and allowed Iktomi to kill Lord Harrow, by burying her knife into his eye. In order to claim their bounty from Kreep, though, Iktomi cut off one of Lord Harrow's arms and they then made their escape. The vengeful duo later stormed Kreep's office and explained what had happened when they ventured into the House of Harrow. While the info-broker pleaded his innocence, Caleb agreed to believe him, if the info-broker payed them for their job and then dropped the bloody Hand of Harrow onto Kreep's desk.[1]

Kreep would pay their price, but word spread that Caleb and Iktomi were responsible for Lord Harrow's death and they were forced to flee. They later found sanctuary in the remote settlement Hope's End, but a group of Bounty Hunters seeking to claim House Harrow's bounty, eventually tracked the two down. Secretly among them, however, was Lord Harrow's daughter, Elissa, who has vowed to take revenge against her Father's killers.[2]