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Imperial Armour - Apocalypse II

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Imperial Armour - Apocalypse II
Imperial Armour Apocalypse II cover.jpg
Author(s) Alan Bligh
Pages 112
Preceded by Imperial Armour - Apocalypse
Followed by Imperial Armour - Apocalypse Second Edition

Imperial Armour - Apocalypse II is a supplement for the Warhammer 40,000 expansion Apocalypse. It provides updated rules for numerous Forge World miniatures and a few missions to play.


  • Introduction

Imperial Guard

Imperial Navy

Space Marines

Forces of the Imperium



  • Eldar Cobra
  • Eldar 'Death Web'
  • Eldar Corsair Nightfire Raiding Force



A Galaxy of War

Five different missions for use in Apocalypse games:

  • The Killing Ground
  • The Bloody Last Stand
  • Line Breaker
  • Rolling Thunder
  • A Clash of Titans

Unit Index

Apocalpyse Rules Appendix