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Indomitus (Box)

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Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 2020[1]
MSRP (£) 125[2]
Players 2
Preceded by Dark Imperium (Game)
Followed by Leviathan (Box)

Indomitus was a limited-run starter set produced for the launch of the 9th Edition of Warhammer 40,000.[1]


The galaxy writhes in the mailed fist of all-consuming conflict. The Imperium of Mankind teeters on the brink of annihilation, beset upon all sides by heretic warlords, daemon-summoning witches and rapacious alien empires. In every star system and upon every planet, fierce battle rages as loyalists, heretics and aliens tear reality itself apart in their war for dominance. Every day the flames rise higher.[2]

This is a more terrible era than ever before, and there is no peace amongst the stars...[2]


Box Contents

The box set includes:[1]

  • Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition Rulebook
  • The rulebook Edge of Silence, which contains datasheets, and the story of what befell the vanguard forces of the Indomitus Crusade’s Battle Group Kallides when they ventured into the ominous, seemingly abandoned region known as Pariah Nexus[2]
  • Assembly guide and transfer sheets

New miniatures

Space Marines