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InvadersPrimaris.jpg Invaders Model.jpg
Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists[5]
Homeworld: Fleet Based[1]
Fortress-Monastery: Lost.[Needs Citation]
Colours: Green armor, gold trim
Specialty: Planetary Assault.[Needs Citation]
Strength: A dozen Marines, as of 913.M41[3]

The Invaders are a fleet-based Codex Chapter descended from the Imperial Fists.[5]

Combat doctrine

The Invaders excel in planetary subjugation, crushing resistance through massed aerial and orbital attack. Their tactics require reliance on Scout and Tactical squads to secure landing zones and staging areas, while squads of Vanguard Veterans and Terminators crush centres of resistance.[2]


In 734.M38, the Chapter defeated the Word Bearers in the Bissan Ambush.[Needs Citation]
Invaders Firstborn

The most famous engagement of the chapter occurred in 852.M41, when they launched a direct assault upon Eldar Craftworld Idharae. Despite suffering horrific casualties during this bold attack, the Invaders were successful; Idharae was left a ruined and desolate hulk. But the chapter was not done with the Eldar. Forty-three years later, with the Invaders still rebuilding, Craftworld Alaitoc launched a retaliatory assault on the chapter's homeworld Ogrys. Without the numbers to defend their fortress-monastery, the Invaders were quickly overcome. Only three companies survived the attack, and the Invaders became a spacebound chapter. Still under-strength after their all-out assault, and the retaliatory attack, the Invaders chapter is reported as operating in a support role to the Novamarines on the doomed planet of Skyfall.[1]

In 913.M41, the Invaders were called upon to secure and reinforce the Librarium on Jollana, which had already been mostly sacked by the Chaos Sorcerer Ahriman. They devoted three Companies to the campaign. Along with an Imperial Guard relief army, they landed on the planet, only to unknowingly trigger a complex sorcerous trap. Slowly but surely, the arcane energies built up, with the Invaders scouring the blasted ruins for any enemies. As the last Imperial Guard regiment took its place on the planet, Ahriman's trap had been fully charged and unleashed its fury upon Jollana.[3]

It is said that the planet rocked on its axis as sorcerous flame burst forth from the catacombs, further toppling and destroying the already damaged Librarium. All the Guard stationed on the planet died in writhing Warpflame, but some Invaders managed to survive, protected as they were by their power armour. But the danger was not over, as the sorcerous explosion had torn the walls of reality asunder, spilling hordes of daemons onto the planet. The surviving Invaders barricaded and fortified a large antechamber somewhere in the Librarium, and fought a losing battle for days, before a small Grey Knights strike force landed on the planet to stop the daemonic incursion. The Invaders later aided the Grey Knights in closing the warp portal which had spewed forth the Daemonic horde. Out of three companies of Space Marines, only a dozen survived, and all were later mind-wiped to forget the incident.[3]

By 926.M41, they had recovered in numbers enough to combat the World Engine alongside fourteen other Astartes Chapters, famously losing two squads of Terminators during the conflict in an failed attempt to teleport past the shields.

In 999.M41, they battled both Eldar of Iyanden and Tyranids during campaigns against Hive Fleet Leviathan.[4]

Notable Members

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