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Iron Klaw

Iron Klaw Clan [...] had spent the past millennia visiting hit-and-run mayhem on systems across the segmentum, with abandoned warbands colonising planetary badlands like a green, galactic plague.[1]

The Iron Klaw are an Ork Clan that infested the Space Hulk Revenant Rex for millennia.[1] They travelled across Ultima Segmentum, carrying out hit and run attacks, and leaving behind warbands to colonise the planetary systems they visited.[1] Numerous attempts were made by Imperial forces to stop the Clan's Hulk, before it was finally sabotaged by Alpha Legion Harrowmaster Quetzel Carthach, destroying the Revenant Rex as part of a trap set for the Crimson Consuls Space Marines.[1]


The Iron Klaw had spent millennia on board the Revenant Rex Space Hulk as it travelled through Ultima Segmentum.[1] They carried out hit-and-run attacks on the systems they passed through, abandoning warbands as they went, to colonise these planets.[1]

This was considered a serious threat by the Imperium, who made many unsuccessful attempts to destroy the Iron Klaw's Hulk.[1] Many Space Marine Chapters unsuccessfully attempted to cleanse the Hulk, including the Aurora Chapter at Schindelgheist, the Angels Eradicant at Theta Reticuli, and the White Scars at Martyrpeake.[1] The Imperial Navy Warfleet Ultima twice attempted to gather enough ships when it appeared, with over a hundred vessels concentrating their fire on the Hulk, which did not affect it.[1]

The Revenant Rex was finally destroyed when it was sabotaged by Alpha Legion Harrowmaster Quetzel Carthach, destroying both the Hulk and the Crimson Consuls Space Marines First Company Terminators and Battle Barge Incarnadine Ecliptic that had been sent to neutralise the Revenant Rex.[1]