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Ironhead Squat Prospector

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Symbol of the Ironhead Prospectors[5]

Ironhead Squat Prospectors are a civilization of Squats, who mine for treasure in the Ash Wastes of Necromunda.[1]

Ironhead Squats are descendants of the Leagues of Votann, who aided in rebuilding Necromunda in the wake of the Horus Heresy and are believed to be the only members of the species to call themselves Squats. Due to dwelling on the Hive World for millennia, the Ironheads are now considered a distinct civilization from the Leagues of Votann, but they still have connections to their distant relatives.[1]



Humans were not the only race to have colonized the world of Necromunda. Some ten thousand years ago 12 Squat Clans descended from the Leagues of Votann[1] arrived on Necromunda and aided in the reconstruction of the devastated world in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. The devastated Hives were oblivious to the debt they would come to owe the Squats for their aid.[5]

An Ironhead Squat Prospector[2]

Centuries later, the Ironhead Squats live semi-nomadic lifestyles in their great Land Trains, traveling from one mining site to another to siphon off wealth and sell it back to the Clan Houses. These vast mechanical mining rigs are like cities on tracks, and when they reach a suitable dig site it forms a circle that may stay stationary for months or even years. While the circle, or Laager, is in place, the Squats send out prospecting parties in all directions to seek fresh finds and oversee protection. The Ironheads themselves maintain a Votann Ancestor Core which is the cornerstone of their ancient civilization.[5]


To the denizens of Necromunda, the Squats are eccentric engineers who create wondrous artifacts and technology. While eagerly engaging in trade and work with the Humans of Necromunda, the Ironheads Mining Clans are otherwise known to keep to themselves. They are deeply involved with every major faction on Necromunda, and even the ruling Imperial House relies on them for their continued prosperity.[5]

Despite their semi-nomadic lifestyle, there are locations on Necromunda that are of great importance to the Squats. Most notably of these is in the edges of the Great Equatorial Wastes, where the landing site of the original 12 Clans took place. Today this region consists of twelve forts, each maintained by a separate Ironhead Mining Clan. Centuries of mining have shaped this land into a formidable defensive network, and few dare intrude upon the Squats domain. For much of the Necromundan year a Squat Mining Clan is absent from their ancestral fort, instead setting up laagers out in the wastes as they methodically work their way from site to site.[5] However their mining activity has put Ironheads into conflict with other forces that dwell in the Ash Wastes. But they are tough, determined and heavily armed with advanced weapons, as well as powerful mining equipment.[1]

The Mining Clans[5]

  • The Anglish - One of the four great Mining Clans of the Northwestern Hemisphere
  • The Svardhol - One of the four great Mining Clans of the Northwestern Hemisphere
  • The Tapferkeit - One of the four great Mining Clans of the Northwestern Hemisphere
  • The Scragfrid - One of the four great Mining Clans of the Northwestern Hemisphere



Ironhead Squat Prospectors maintain an ancient Ancestor Core, but otherwise seem to utilize technology that is seen throughout the Imperium, albeit upgraded and more reliable.[5]

In both battle and labor, Ironhead Squats utilize:[5]

Notable Ironhead Squats


Ironhead Prospectors[4]


  • Ironhead Squat Prospectors Break New Ground in Necromunda[3]: