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An Ironkin with Las-Beam Cutter[1]

The Ironkin are sapient robots of the Leagues of Votann.[1]


Ironkin were and still are created by the Votann Ancestor Cores. They are computationally advanced enough that the Ironkin have learned to mimic the Squats' social behavior and are fully integrated into the species' society as equal partners. No one is quite sure when they were created, though the Ironkin are known to have accompanied the Kin since the species's earliest days. They are seen as equal partners to the Kin; whether one is made from meat or metal, Kin is Kin. Each Ironkin consists of a Cerebral Unit – woven with microfield generators that make it very hard to destroy – and a unique mechanical body. However, their bodies are not some component to be replaced – they are deeply personal, as much as the bodies of the Kin are. The Ironkin's bodies are designed to fulfill a certain niche in the Kins society, such as mining support units, cargo luggers, combat pilots, shock troopers, or even Wayfinders.[1]

Though the purpose of the Ironkin is to support the Squats in every aspect of their lives, they are not held in servitude, nor treated as lessers. The Ironkin are simply designed to want to be helpful. However, they can only imitate the emotions of the Squats and it is rare - but not unknown - for an Ironkin to possess ambition, or seek to become a leader. In battle, the Ironkin will fight besides the Kin and will often accompany Brôkhyr Iron-masters as assistants alongside the less complex COG Robots, offering their technical support and pitching into combat in a pinch.[1]

As mechanical beings, Ironkin can be corrupted by Vashtorr's abilities. In such a scenario they mutate horrifically before turning on their former Kin.[5]


Kognitâar are advanced Ironkin who serve with Hearthkyn Salvager Kill Team Units. Their intelligence allows the machines to receive and processes tactical data at an astonishing rate.[4]



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