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The Isstvan System is a System of Imperial space. Located in Ultima Segmentum, it is an unremarkable and sparsely populated eight-planet system far from Terra. The system is most notable for being the location of the first battles of the Horus Heresy: the Battle of Isstvan III and the Drop Site Massacre.[1]

Known Planets

The Isstvan system comprised the following elements and their conditions as of 002.006.M31[2]:

  • Isstvan I - Pre-Compliance human mining outpost; tithe exempt.
  • Isstvan II - Gas giant; primary satellite host to lower order autochthonic anomalies.
  • Isstvan III - Mortis Terribelum; wreckage field in orbit; Status Unknown; Ad Temperesta augur mission in progress.
  • Isstvan IV - Secondary system augury node; Therion Fleet auxillia, tracking lock terminated.
  • Isstvan V - Target Prioris; Legiones Astartes Execution Fleet inbound; Status Unknown; Ad Temperesta augur mission in progress.
  • Isstvan VI - Gas giant. Primary satellite host to pre-Compliance outpost, 34 minor satellites pending survey.
  • Isstvan VII - Xenos structures detected; surface survey pending.
  • Isstvan VIII - Dwarf planet; host to pre-Compliance outcast elements. Suppression operation pending.
  • Isstvan Asteroid Range - Remnants of planetary cataclysm; Cross-Ref: extinct autochthon xenos/ruins on Isstvan I and V. Some evidence of pre-Complaince outcast activity.
  • Isstvan Extremis - Augury network nexus; silenced prior to Isstvan III atrocity.